Opinion Essay Topics: Writing Suggestions For Sophomore Students

Opinion essays are good way to estimate the beliefs and understanding the thought process of various people. This is the biggest reason why sophomore students are provided unique topics to write on. Opinion essay topics enable us to analyze the subject matter from both the perspectives.

Check out some topmost essay topics to write on

  1. Are students employing novel and more creative ways to cheat in the examinations? Is this matter getting worse?
  2. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? If yes, why and if no, why? How it will assist in improving or degrading the teaching standards?
  3. Is television impacting the physical, mental, emotional, psychological or social development of the teenage badly? Explain it with proper examples.
  4. Why drugs and alcohol should be banned? What would be its benefits? How it will improve the lifestyle and all round development of the nation?
  5. Are grades a good way to encourage students? Should they be replaced with cash bonuses? If yes, state why, if no, offer justifiable reasons.
  6. Are schools an effective way to make students creative? Should students be offered life lessons to make learning more effective? Which will be more stronger and faster way to enhance the learning?
  7. Are school timings too long? What is the appropriate time duration to be spent in school? How longer school intervals are impacting the overall development of kids?
  8. How bullying or cyber bullying boosts or degrades the student’s confidence? How it assists them to develop the overall personality? Does it open them to accept the new challenges of life from a positive end?
  9. What measures should be taken by the school organization to deal with the miscreant students? What corporal punishments should be offered to them so that they transform into a responsible students?
  10. What would be the benefits of putting tracking devices in students ID cards?
  11. Is categorizing the students based on their abilities is a good idea? Is this a kind of partiality? Will it create a feeling of prejudice among the students?
  12. Is organizing parent teachers meeting every month a waste of time or will keep students stay focused? Explain with arguments.
  13. How important is pre-schooling? What should be the age of preschool students? How it will assist them to get ready for the initial days of education?
  14. What new perspectives should be kept in mind to award scholarships programs to scholarly and poor students? How SAT scores and grading system alone sufficient to judge any student for offering scholarship programs?