Conducting a Research for your Scientific Papers

Research is the basic component when you are writing a scientific paper. Research can be of two types, qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research is the one in which you focus on the qualitative study of subjects, not involving statistics or any other measures. On the other hand, quantitative research is based on statistics and measurement of behaviors. Qualitative research focuses more on the experiences and details of experiences in light of science. Both methods involve their own methodologies.

Research consists of various steps in order to make sure its quality and objectivity as the main purpose of using research methodology is to ensure objectivity.


The first step of research and also the scientific paper is to make introduction. Introduction is necessary to get the basic understanding of the research topic and its process. It also gives knowledge of the probable factor in your research. When writing your scientific paper, introduction is important to give understanding of the topic to the reader and enhance their knowledge of the research before they proceed to the research process itself.

Literature review:

Literature review means reading and collecting the relevant literature of the subject and topic to see what has been done before on this topic. Another purpose of literature review is to support the efficacy of your research and its relevance. It makes sure that the topic you are going to deal with is really important and has some significance. Literature review also helps you to build your own knowledge of the subject.

Research method:

The next is to choose appropriate research method. Research method depends upon the type and objectivity of your research. If it wants to explore the experiences of a person then it will adopt qualitative research method. If it focuses on the number of occurrence of a behavior in accordance with some factor or other behavior and wants to see if it occurs in all the subjects then you will go for quantitative study. Both research areas have further discipline which also varies according to the purpose and type of research.


Results are the findings of your research. You need to write the findings in your science papers in order to show your findings to people and how it makes difference in the field.


At the end, you will discuss the whole process or phenomenon of your topic. It is very important in science paper as it talks in detail about the whole thing.