Is The Use of Fetal Genetic Screening Unethical?

When a couple gets the news that they are expecting a child, the two biggest emotions that they feel is joy and fear. Couples can try for years to conceive a child, and when it finally happens, their dreams of starting a family have finally come true. However, there is some fear that goes along with being a parent because a child is a very small human being that is going to need a lot of love and care as he or she grows up. As the course of the pregnancy goes on, the obstetrician is going to monitor the mom-to-be carefully, and at certain points in it, there will be some medical tests to make sure the baby is developing normally. However, a new form of genetic testing is coming under scrutiny, and parents have to decide whether they want to use this new form of genetic testing, and whether it is considered to be ethical or not.

Genetic testing has come a long way, and now doctors are able to test not only the amniotic the baby is surrounded by, but the blood of the baby itself. Doctors will use the DNA of the mother to see if the baby is at risk for anything such as a disease, or a chronic condition that may get that child labeled as having special needs. Parents will now be able to know in advance if their child will be completely normal or possibly not, and thus prepare for those special needs. However, this new form of genetic testing is also raising some serious questions about whether or not it is ethical. Why is this testing causing such a stir? The reason why people are getting upset is because parents are using the results of these tests to determine whether or not they will continue with the pregnancy, or decide to terminate it. Should this new form of genetic testing sway parents to eliminate a child that may have special needs? Should parents even use it at all, or take a chance that the testing may not be completely accurate? Is too much knowledge a good or bad thing in the case of unborn children?

Finding out a couple is expecting a child is the best news they can ever get. Babies are life-altering, and some couples try for years to conceive. However, once the conception happens, the obstetrician will test the pregnancy as it progresses. While testing is normal to make sure the baby is developing, a new genetic test is causing controversy because some are questioning whether it is ethical or not. This new genetic testing using the DNA from the mom to see if the child will have any serious conditions, and many parents are using the information to determine whether to continue the pregnancy or to consider terminating it.