How to Rewrite My Essay to Make It Shine

Writing an essay can often feel like an uphill battle. Half the time, you have to practically stay up all night and suffer all day just to get the blasted thing written. After all that effort, work and headache, you feel pretty accomplished just to have the things written. However, is it really at the quality level that will earn you an excellent grade? Sometimes it’s too tiring to think about adding an extra level of shine to your essay, but it’s important if you want to produce the best work possible. To earn that great grade, with little effort on your end, make sure to employ the following procedures.

  1. Reorganize. Organization is key to the success of any paper. If you have a disorganized paper, then none of your ideas, points or well-researched data will have any impact on the reader. Making sure you have a structure to you paper may seem difficult, but it can be executed in a very simplistic way. Use an outline to determine the major points you will touch on throughout the paper. Then,
  2. Check the Basics. You’d be surprised how easily basic grammar and usage can fall through the cracks when you’re neck-deep in writing an essay. To stop yourself from making silly mistakes and embarrassing errors, review your work and proofread for error. What’s even better than checking it yourself, though, is having a second pair of eyes review the work – especially if you, yourself, aren’t too savvy with grammatical rules.
  3. Use Literary Tactics. There are, actually, strategies that you can use in your writing that increase the readers’ interest and help drive home your point more forcefully. The strategies include employing questions, which you can answer with intelligent reasoning and relevant research; adding stories or research examples into your work, or even revolving around a core idea, concept or quote. These are simple strategies that add a level of quality and intrigue to your work.
  4. Communicate Passion. The last, and probably best tactic towards improving your paper is just to communicate your excitement and enthusiasm for the subject. Sometimes this is extremely hard to do, especially if the essay topic is not something you feel excited about. However, it never hurts to have some excitement in the work. Have friends read your essay and give you their opinions. Write with flare and excitement whenever possible. It’s another simple method that will produce incredible results.