Write My Essay in 5 Hours: A Simply Academic Writing Guide

Writing Your Essay in APA Format

Here is how can write a difficult essay in APA format within hours without having to hire a writing service. First you should set all your margins to 1-inch on all sides of the paper, and then you need to set the paper to double space. At the top corner of each page there should be your last name and the page number will be at the other top corner of each page. On the title page you must type the title of your paper, your name, name of the course and course number and the professor's name. When you finish the paper, you need to type a works cited page and the research sources need to be typed in alphabetical order with the author's last name first. The works cited page must also be double spaced. As for the content, choose an essay topic that is unique but that relates to what your course is about. If you're stumped for ideas, talk with your professor and classmates or read some journals.

Choose A Broad Topic

If your essay is due in a few hours and you want to type it as quickly as possible, choose a broad topic where you can complete the required number of pages in a short period of time. Some good broad topics to write on include the impact of technology on family life, history of a certain corporation, life in colonial America, key events of a certain decade or rock music's contributions to American culture.

Divide Your Topic In Sections

It helps to divide your essay in sections because this makes the writing process flow better and you can organize your ideas in an efficient way. Make sure that you do not repeat thoughts and facts from the previous section in the new section of the essay because it makes the essay look repetitive. If you get stuck with writer's block, take a break and do more research until you can develop the new section in the essay.


Even if you have the most well-researched essay, it doesn't mean much if there are numerous grammatical errors. Don't rely on your computer's spell checker because sometimes it doesn't recognize certain words and titles. You should refer to your dictionary and English instruction book for guidance.