Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay: Can Examples Be Helpful?

If a student says toe may toe and their teacher say tuh mah toe, how would one be able to compare and contrast which is more accurate? Examples in writing a comparative and contrasting essay are the only way to write a quality paper due to the nature of:

  • Having Someone Understand Your Way
  • Acknowledges Someone Does Not Know All
  • Allows The Student To Imagine
  • Create An Alternate
  • No Better Way

Having Someone Understand Your Way

If a student sat down with their peer group and tried to explain something new to them, the only way to do this would be to compare it something else. If a school district did not have softball as a sport, the easiest way to explain it would be to talk about how it is similar to baseball while citing all of its differences.

Acknowledges Someone Does Not Know All

As with the previous example, not all sports are played around the world. Therefore, not every student grows up learning the same things to be true, such as every young adult playing football. Football to American students is quite different than that of their European counterparts. The same can be said for a sport such as cricket if someone tried to explain it as baseball or table tennis. No one person will ever be able to know everything that is being discussed, but they can create a better picture for their own mind if someone is comparing it to something they may already have known or heard of.

Allows The Student To Imagine

When discussing comparison and contrasting, every person can sit down and imagine what the other is saying. The more in depth the creative mind is in explaining or listening, the more vivid of a picture that can be drawn. This is a way of creating a different idea in everyone’s head with them all arriving at the same answer.

Create An Alternate

With the imaginative mind, students can also create an alternate to what is being said. Although explaining what walking through the White House might be like, some people may imagine ornate tapestry and posh furniture. Others may picture security cameras and trap doors.

No Better Way

The only way for anyone to understand what another is saying, is by comparing it or contrasting it to something they already know, just as this essay has suggested with its many examples. The possibilities are endless if the creative mind can describe anything one dimensional in living color.