Theses Writing Ideas: Being Creative

The academic world can be tough, especially when it comes to following very strict rules of writing the papers. The truth is that the reason behind these strict “laws” of the academic writing world is quite simple to understand: it creates a common “language” for everybody who will ever lay their eyes on your papers.

Although there are a lot of rules to be followed, from using a certain font and a certain size throughout the paper to referencing the materials you used throughout the research in a proper way, the truth is that this does not mean you should not be creative. As a matter of fact, creativity lies at the basis of any good thing in the world: from medical technology to paintings. How can you be creative when it comes to writing your PhD thesis, though? Or, better said, how will an academic research allow you to be creative? Read on and find out more.

Understanding the Difference between “Creative” and “Artsy”

Creativity is not always related to the arts. Although people generally associate creativity with those people who are artsy, the truth is that creativity can be part of anyone’s job: from a sales management to teaching and from medical research to singing.

Creativity means finding innovative solutions and letting your mind work beyond what has been done before. Creativity means being able to work with what you have and trying to find new ways of having more. In the end, creativity means being open-minded to the fact that the world is comprised out of a limitless number of possibilities.

How to Be Creative when Writing the Thesis?

The first part where you will not only be allowed to be creative but also encouraged to is finding a good topic for your PhD thesis. Writing about something innovative (at least in one way or another) is one of the most important things you should do in order to be able to deliver a PhD thesis paper that will actually be appreciated.

Of course, you will have to find the perfect balance between “innovation” and “traditional” and that is because writing about something completely new to the academic world may be very difficult, especially when it comes to finding the materials to back you up.

You can also be creative in the way you approach a certain issue and you can also allow yourself to be creative in the way you put everything in writing. Academic writing rules do leave place for creativity and that is precisely because good academic papers are innovative and original.