Learn How To Write an Essay in 7 Easy Steps

Love them or hate them essays are an unavoidable part of the learning process. The reason that instructors use essays in their curriculums is because of the fact an essay is a surefire way to grade a student’s comprehension of a subject.

However, the truth about essays is that they are more about format and structuring than, being a brilliant writer. Many instructors will grade an essay on form before they grade it on insight. This is because, how you present your ideas is often more important than the ideas themselves. This is because opinions may vary but proper essay formatting is a genuinely important skill, which will help you present information formally in your future career.

The good news is that essay writing does not need to be so stressful. In fact, there is a tried and true 7 Easy Step formula that you can apply in your writing to ace any essay paper!

Step #1

Do The Research

Begin the writing process by thoroughly researching the topic, be sure to keep good notes written in your own words, and keep track of where you get your information from because you will need it later for your works cited.

Step # 2

Cut Out The Fluff

Critically analyze your findings and remove any data that is not strong or relevant. Try to identify the best material to use in your essay, and eliminate anything that makes for a weak argument.

Step #3

Brainstorm Your Approach

Now use your own insight to compose some well-rounded opinions. Use the facts that you have researched to back your findings. Start imagining how you are going to tackle the essay.

Step #4

Write Your Thesis

Your thesis should be defendable with the evidence that you found in your research, while also clearly defining your own beliefs about the topic or issue.

Step #5

Write That Outline

Use that Thesis to compose your outline, in point form layout the entire composition sorting the information into structured paragraphs.

Step #6

Ready, Set, Write!

Use that outline to write your essay. The outline should be the skeleton; all you have left to do is fill in the body.

Step #7

Edit, Revise

Congratulations, you are almost done, now is the time to step away from the project for a little while. Re-read your essay in a few days then edit, revise, and eliminate unnecessary pieces until it is ready for submission.