To Kill A Mockingbird: Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

The novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a common story read by college students. There are various essays written on the literature that provide more meaning behind the author’s vision and intentions. It can be challenging to select a topic since there are so many elements of the story to understand. The good news is there are easy ways to help you get ideas on what to write about.

Ways to Review Topic Ideas for Your Essay

It is an intriguing story with elements students will find interesting. At the beginning of the assignment it helps to have a notebook handy for you to write down notes and ideas. As you come across something in the story that peaks your interest write it down. Your essay ideas may come from notes you write making it easier to select a topic of interest.

You may want to take notes on characters and what makes each on stand out. You could write notes about the story setting and plot. After you have read the story you are likely ready to start your essay. Refer to your notes and brainstorm ideas. You may need to refer to the story again for clarification. As you settle for an idea think about the perspective you would write your essay from and parts that make up your paper.

10 Possible Ideas for an Essay Topic to Inspire Original Content by You

Writing prompts for your essay can help you develop a good topic to write about. Here are 10 possible ideas to get started.

  1. Significance behind the title.
  2. Parenting style of character Atticus and qualities he wants his children to have (equality and justice).
  3. Discuss relation of trial scene and story outline.
  4. Are characters in the story really based on true characteristics of the black community?
  5. Do the characters Scout and Jem change at all during the story?
  6. What was so significant about the character Aunt Alexandra in the story?
  7. What role did the town (community) play in the story? How important was it to the characters?
  8. Would you recommend others to read this story? Why or why not?
  9. How would you describe relationship between the children and Boo Radley?
  10. How do you view feelings Lee has toward education?