Noticing Errors Or Weaknesses In Your Personal Statement

Why is it always important to look at your personal statement one more time? v

Revising and proofreading of a written paper sometimes can seem unnecessary and be skipped because of lack of time and motivation. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can made writing a paper of any kind, and, especially, the personal statement or an application letter. If a usual paper will mostly influence only the grade for your course, the admission paper can make a choice of your future. Revising and proofreading your personal statement will help you to find out and correct your mistakes and to have a chance of a better impression of yourself.

Main steps to revise your personal statement.

  1. Imagine yourself the reader of your application. Research the company or the program you are applying for and try to guess which kind of person they might be looking for. Don’t lie, just think if what you wrote is the correct way to present yourself.
  2. Check the structure of your paper. It is quite important, as it influences how easy and smoothly your essay will be comprehended. It is a good thing to write an outline of already written paper and then check connection sentences between all of the paragraphs.
  3. Revise for the content of the paper. Make sure you have made the paper just like you want people to see you. Check if you have used correct examples for your thoughts.
  4. Rethink the style of the personal statement. Change the complicated and sophisticated words to easiest ones, it will make the paper more understandable. Check your confidence in the meaning of every word you use. Avoid cliches and typical word connections. It will help you be remembered among all the other applications.

Last step: Proofreading.

Last, but not at all the least. Always re-read the paper several times to make sure it is free from grammar and spelling errors. You do not definitely want to make an impression of a person, who has poor grammar skills.  Returning back to your essay several days or at least hours later will be very helpful. Check for fragmental parts, not ended sentences, colloquial or local language (do not forget that the person who will read your essay may come from a different part of the country). Be careful and thorough and your efforts will grant you a ticket in a whole new life!