It’s Impossible to find original Essays Online

When desperate, sometimes people do foolish things. That’s as true of students as it is of anyone else. When an assignment deadline looms, some student resort to trying to find an essay online to turn in, instead of writing their own essay. Of course, this points to a number of moral and ethical issues, but there’s a more immediate, practical problem. There are no original essays online which can be safely turned in for a grade.

What Constitutes an Original Essay?

The problem with trying to find an original essay online is that by virtue of being online, an essay no longer can be qualified as original in any meaningful way. It’s been seen, read, cited, and probably plagiarized by untold numbers of persons. It’s literally impossible to find an untouched original essay via the internet, no matter what any essay download service, free or paid, tells you.

Where are Students Finding Essays?

There are massive databases of common essay topics (and some not so common) to be found online. And a few years ago, perhaps some students took advantage of these databases in order to make their deadlines, but the time for that has passed. That’s because that method worked prior to the institution of advanced anti-plagiarism software. These programs are able to detect even minute portions of plagiarized content, and they do so by comparing the assignment to websites, databases, uploaded academic materials, and yes, even other student assignments from around the world.

How Many Essays Online are Detectable?

The only safe answer is “all of them,” and it’s not too far from the truth. Plagiarism detection software is so advanced, and so frequently updated, that nothing which has appeared online can be considered safe for school purposes.

How Can I Find an Original Essay?

The only way to come up with an original essay is to have one written and personally given to you (not posted online) or to write it yourself. If you do get an essay online, it must be rewritten completely in order to have any chance of not being flagged as plagiarized material. That doesn’t mean just changing a few words, sentences, or paragraphs—it must be rewritten top to bottom. You can also consider employing a custom-written essay service; however, you must research to ensure that the service is trustworthy and won’t provide you with a plagiarized essay.