Looking For An Outline Example For A Research Paper

One of the first steps many people take before writing a research paper is coming up with an outline for it. An outline does a lot of things for any kind of essay or paper- it provides the foundation that the writer can use in order to ensure their work is structured well and on topic.

But where can you find good examples of research paper outlines? Let’s take a look.


This is perhaps the easiest option for most people and the first place you’ll probably turn to when it comes to finding an example. Many websites, some of which are dedicated to providing students with writing advice, may provide samples to give you an idea of what’s expected in this kind of assignment.

Google can be a good jumping-off point but be sure to visit websites like Purdue Owl in order to find in-depth writing advice. Use good, specific search terms to ensure you’re looking for the right thing- “outline example” may be too general. Something like “outline sample for history class” may be more ideal.

Your Professor

Whether you’re in high school or college, it’s recommended that you speak to your teacher or professor if you’re not sure where to go with your assignment. Arrange a time before or after class. Your professor will likely already have samples from previous classes that he or she can show you. If you don’t have one already, they can provide you with a rubric so you’ll know exactly what to include.

You may also be able to show your professor what you’ve worked on so far. If they’re willing, they can give you valuable feedback on your work, which you’ll have long before grading day.

Ask Around

Another strategy worth looking into is to simply ask around. See if your friends or classmates want to work in a study group with you. Chances are, you may have a classmate who’s worked on similar assignments and, thus, knows what to expect. Comparing notes can provide you with valuable, personal insight that hunting online might not necessarily give you.

Outline Examples Are Everywhere

Whether you seek help from the Internet, from your professor, or from classmates and friends, finding outline samples for any research essay is easy to do. Just do your research and be patient. Consider what you need to write about and you’ll be on your way.