School Essay: Hints For Impressing Your Teacher

There are specific instructions and guidelines that your teacher is going to give you when you are assigned an essay for school. While there is usually a rubric that comes along with the instructions to tell you exactly how to earn and lose points through out the composition process of your paper, there are ways to ensure a great grade. The best ways to ensure that you have a perfect grade for you paper are detailed in the instructions and the rubric; however, there is more. When your teacher gives you the instructions, there is a hidden agenda to have students go above and beyond the original detail of the instructions. Here are some tips for ways that you can go beyond what the teacher is expecting and impress your teacher with every essay that you turn in.

  • You are going to want to take compositional risk where it is appropriate- Compositional risks are the writing techniques that help to get students the leverage they need to impress the evaluator of the writing. When you go out on a limb, you are going to impress your teacher with your ability to write creatively. However, you want to make sure that you are only using this where it is appropriate. This can be used at the wrong time so be careful.
  • You will want to use multisyllabic words in your composition- use a thesaurus to find more complex word choices for your essays. Research the use and meaning of the words before you use them, wrong use of a word will cause deductions of points.
  • Make interesting observations through out your essays- This will help to show the teacher that you are demonstrating full understanding of the material.
  • Ask rhetorical questions in your essay- A compositional risk that is appropriate at some times and can help to set your paper aside from the other classmates.
  • Have your paper edited professionally- you can hire a professional writer or tutor to edit your paper for you.
  • Ask your teacher to proofread your paper- By expressing an interest in the class to your teacher, you are going to be making your intentions known. The teacher might not have time to edit everyone’s paper; however, if you at least ask, you are taking the steps necessary to ensure that you are going to be seen as a student who is taking the project seriously.

These are just a couple of the ways that you will be sure to impress your teacher with your essay writing drive, and motivation.