5 Fresh Science Topics For Research Papers

It’s not easy for students to choose from a wide range of topics for research papers in science. Of course, it’s better to write about something heated and new. The following fresh science topics will definitely interest your readers and catch their attentions:

  1. Artificial intelligence.
  2. This topic can be called controversial because of lots of claims that artificial intelligence can be harmful to humanity. How close are scientists to being able to recreate the capabilities of the human mind? You can write not only about the controversy of this topic, but also about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence development, about the limits of intelligence for machines and their potential power, about the ethical issues of this problem, etc.

  3. Environmental issues.
  4. Topics on the environment are always current. To make your research fresher, you can write about a lack of energy resources on the Earth and some ways of solving this problem. Add some shocking statistics on how soon oil and gas reserves will run out. List the most useful and efficient sources of alternative energies; write about their benefits. You can also add some information about the usefulness of electric cars, and their influence on energy-saving.

  5. Space exploration.
  6. In the previous century, space exploration was something new and unpredictable. What about today? Is it needed and important? Should humans find ways to live in space or other planets? Some countries, including the U.S., have even reduced their budget expenditures on space exploration. Is it possible that modern technologies are just not ready for such a challenge? Discuss it.

  7. Genetic engineering.
  8. This is another controversial topic. Genetic engineering is definitely a promising sphere of science. It is now used in agriculture and medicine, but its possibilities are unlimited. For example, you can write whether it is possible to use genetic engineering as a cure for cancer or AIDs. However, there are a lot of critics of its usage. They raise the ethical issues and claim that genetically modified foods are harmful. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering.

  9. Nanotechnology.
  10. Write about benefits of nanotechnology for humanity. Argue about its influence on medicine. How can it improve diagnostic testing in patients? Is it possible to extend human lifespans using nanotechnology? How can using nanotechnologies be useful for the environment? Can it, for example, help with toxic waste cleaning or reduce CO2 emissions? What about using nanomaterial? What are the benefits of “smart clothes” and surfaces covered with nanomaterial for people?