A List Of Successful Topics For Writing An Opinion Essay On Human Rights

Human rights are an interesting topic - when is something a ‘right’ and when can it be denied to someone? There are as many opinions out there as there are people, so there are plenty of interesting topics to write essays on. Below is a list of the most successful topics for such opinion essays on human rights.

  • “Should gay people be allowed to marry?”
  • This is, obviously, a hot topic at the moment, and one that many people are divided on. Some think that it is the most natural thing in the world, and others think that it is disgusting and wrong, all for different - and sometimes valid - reasons. This topic is an excellent one to tackle because it is relevant to modern day issues. It is possible to talk to others all around you to try to understand the side opposite your own and develop your own counter-examples and opinions. This will make for a much more engaging and dynamic essay.

  • “Should people have the right to defend themselves and their homes with lethal force?”
  • There are hundreds of examples around the world - and plenty in America alone, for instance - of lethal force being legal. Or, at least, being permissible. In the news, we often hear horror stories about people trying to break into other people’s houses, or threatening their lives, but being shot in the process. The intruder sometimes then tries to sue the person who defended their home for grievous bodily harm (or other reason). Do they have a right to do this? Or is it every individual’s universal right to use any means necessary to defend themselves? Remember to give reasons for both sides of the argument, but try to persuade your reader of one over the other!

  • “Should we have the freedom of speech?”
  • Some people don’t understand fully what ‘freedom of speech’ is, so make sure that you research and understand it fully before you write on it! Once you have understood the matter, answer the question - should this be a universal right? Or should we be restricted in certain ways? Perhaps we should ban racist or sexist comments, for example. Would it actually be better to censor some things - not say sexist things in publications, for example - but not to prevent people from saying sexist or racist things to each other in privacy?