Creating a solid Term Paper: Steps to follow

If you want success in creating a solid term paper, there are some simple, practical but very worthwhile steps to follow. You need above all else to remember that you are arguing a case. You are trying to persuade the writer to accept your point of view. If you look upon your term paper as simply a device whereby you pass on information, you will have failed. Know your premise. Know the main point of your term paper and then develop a series of points to substantiate or support your premise.

Know your topic

One of the greatest mistakes any student in creating a term paper can make is to not know the topic. Now by knowing the topic I mean that you understand the topic and how you are to approach it. Again, you are not simply passing on information. You must stick to your topic but you must be able to support the main premise of your paper.

You are able to do this when you have performed enough relevant research. It is like a detective trying to solve a case. You know the premise which is the basic fact of the case. Now you need to do the detective work, the research, in order to find the evidence, the information to support that premise. The better you do your research, your homework, the better will be your term paper.

Discover the important points

You will make a number of points in your term paper but you need to distinguish between those which are of minor importance and those which are vital to the argument you are presenting. If necessary, make a list of all the points and write them in order of priority. Concentrate on the main points and if necessary even scrap the minor ones.

Don't sit on the fence

It's most important that in creating a solid term paper you take a point of view. Of course you must be able to substantiate this opinion but by sitting on the fence and not coming down on one particular side of the argument you create an ineffective term paper. Choose your point of view and work very hard to persuade the reader that your point of view deserves their attention.

Give yourself enough time to write your term paper. Starting late and rushing the task never produces the best possible result. And by allowing yourself plenty of time you not only write well you give yourself a chance to revise as well. Make sure that your revision really counts.