Argumentative Essay Smoking Debate

If you have been tasked the assignment of writing an argumentative essay on the topic of smoking, then you have a journey ahead of you with all of the work that you will need to accomplish before you are able to hand it in for evaluation. There are a number of elements to an argumentative essay that you will need to follow in order to get the best great possible. Some of the most important aspects of an argumentative essay include:

  • Research the given topic
  • Collect and evaluate the evidence that you have found on the topic
  • Write an effective and pointed thesis statement for the stance you have chosen to argue in your paper
  • Include easily identifiable transition sentences from each paragraph to the next
  • Support your argument with facts, not emotions or opinions
  • Conclude your paper with a clear and concise conclusion statement that wraps up the thesis and evidence provided in a strong way

These are just a few of the most important guidelines to writing an argumentative essay on the subject matter of the smoking debate.

While it will be tempting to present information for both sides of the argument, the only time that is really appropriate is when you are discrediting that side of the argument with stronger facts to support your side of the argument. You will need to choose a side of the smoking debate and then you will support the argument that you are making with solid facts that take a strong stance against the other side. This will help your readers to understand the points that you are making and it will provide a clear flow from the beginning of your essay to the end.

When you are writing an argumentative essay on the topic of the smoking debate, you will have to choose to include only the strongest information that you can find. Some of the most important information that you should include is:

  • The local smoking laws and regulation.
  • The national smoking laws and regulations.
  • Surgeon General’s warnings
  • Benefits or challenges to smoking
  • Smoking in public and how it affects others

These are just a few ideas of the information that you should be able to include in your argumentative essay about smoking. Remember that it is imperative that you support your argument with facts and not emotional opinions, this will help to strengthen the validity of your argument.