Researching Resources for your Term Papers

Writing a term paper needs a lot of hard work. A student has to carry out extensive research in order to write a term paper. When a student is assigned a research topic he then has to collect all the relevant data about that topic. He has to give a background of all the previous material written on the topic. This is called literature review. After careful analysis the student has to identify the area that still needs to be addressed. All of this needs a lot of search to be done by the student. He has to gather facts and figures and relevant information to prove his stance. Moreover the collected data must be valid. This means that the statistics shouldn’t be too old and out dated. Adding invalid sources to your paper will make you suffer in a way that the paper might be rejected or you may score too low in the concerned subject. They must be recent and must fit the research topic. All the information you add must contribute in adding value to your paper.

Resources you can trust

Not all the written material is true. Some things that you may read on the internet may be invalid or unauthenticated. If you are doing research for the first time and do not know the difference between a valid and invalid source you can do the following things.

Get help from a friend

Ask your friends for help. Some of your friends would be very good at research and they can identify a good source. Ask them for the sources they rely on. A true friend will gladly assist you. They know the importance of a term paper so they will not let you down at such a crucial stage.

Read journals and articles

You can also get help from newspaper articles and business journals. They are written by professional and rechecked by the editor. They never have invalid or outdated data. You may use them as a resource for your data.

Searching the library

  • You can either
  • Search the local library
  • Check at your university

Search the internet

While searching on the internet you have to be very careful. Information gathered through Wikipedia is reliable but do not rely on “.com” websites. They are for profit businesses and will have advertising content. You may trust on nonprofit organizations and government statistics given on the web.