How To Create An Argument Research Paper Outline

  • Remember that each paragraph has a purpose
  • An argumentative essay will contain five or more paragraphs that will make a claim and attempt to support that claim throughout the essay. When developing an outline for your argumentative essay, it’s important to understand what purpose each paragraph should achieve. Once you make sense of the structure, you will be able to write an argumentative essay on short notice.

  • Make your claim in the introduction
  • A very brief description of your argument should be posed in the introduction. The main purpose of your introduction is to open the door and let your reader know where you’re going with your entire essay. State your claim from the start and don’t worry too much about supporting it yet.

    You can also introduce the reader to an opposite point of view that may be held by others. Make sure you do this briefly and end the introduction with your counterpoint to this opposing view so that the reader transitions comfortably from the intro to the first main paragraph.

  • Elaborate on your claim in paragraph one
  • The first paragraph holds the purpose of stating the argument or claim in greater detail. Try and cover three points that describe your argument as it stands in opposition to one or more contrasting views.

  • Support your claim in paragraph two
  • Now you will present the reader with evidence to support your claim. Presenting evidence must always include the means by which you came by that evidence. The reader wants to settle in his or her mind that the source is a reliable and trustworthy one. Don’t just present evidence without establishing a sense of trust in the reader’s mind.

  • Discuss your findings in paragraph three
  • How the evidence affects your argument and how the affirmation of your argument influences your topic are the two main points to cover in this section. First, connect the evidence to your argument and establish your claim in the reader’s mind. Then, discuss the implications your claim has on the topic and subject as a whole.

  • Conclude by explaining the entire essay in your own words
  • Sum up everything and remind the reader of the importance of believing your claim. You can further win credibility by suggesting related material that backs up your argument. Don’t forget to reiterate the fallacy of any opposing views relating to your topic. Make sure your claim sticks, with little to no chance of contest.