Top Tips for Writing a good Thesis

A good thesis is the one that is very well written and is free of any grammatical, spelling and formatting errors. There are many things to be kept in mind while writing a thesis. Students usually find it the most difficult task of their academic career as it determines whether they will get their degree or not. They need to be very attentive and careful to write this critical piece of work. Here are a few helpful tips that will enable you to write a good thesis.

Plan your work

To be able to do any work on time it is important that you plan it well. It is important that before you sit down to write your thesis make a rough sketch in your mind. Calculate the number of days you are left with and then devise a work plan according to the time you have. If you organize your paper and set a structure then you will be able to write a very good thesis. In case you did not plan in advance you might have to hurry up in the end and miss important points in your thesis.

Decide a deadline for your thesis

You are the best judge of yourself. You can determine how early you can finish your dissertation. Decide a deadline for yourself and make sure to keep a margin of few days between the university submission date and your deadline so that you have enough time to proof read and edit your paper. There is no limitation to proof reading the more you revise the better your thesis will get.

Set smaller milestones on daily basis

When you think of writing 5000 words you may get a little demotivated and will never gather enough courage to complete it. This is why you need to divide your work by setting small milestones for yourself on a daily basis.

Divide the longer chapters

Divide the long chapters of your thesis into smaller portions.

Work in a distraction free environment

Decide a distraction free study area for yourself.

Turn of your computer when you are not working

Don’t spend time in front of the screen when you are not working.

Reduce the use of social media while working on a computer

This will save your time from being wasted.

Work in short span of 30 min

You can stay more active and productive this way.