How to compose an original Thesis Discussion Section

A thesis or a dissertation paper is the research work done by a post graduate student in order to get hid is quite lengthy. An average thesis is approximately 10,000 words or more. A thesis has a discussion section in the end. The discussion section provides room for future research that can be done on this topic. It also helps in concluding the findings and stating the trends observed in the outcome. A good discussion section should be able to draw conclusion and give further thought for research.

An original discussion section

A good and well-written discussion section does not only justify your research methodology but also gives an explanation of how you managed to interpret certain results. It also gives room for future research and encompasses the research details in a comprehensive manner. A good discussion section will:

  • Explain the results of your findings
  • Interpret your findings and show your result details
  • Give an answer to the problem question of the thesis
  • Evaluate the research process critically
  • Identify the strength and weaknesses of the research method used


  1. The discussion section is the final chapter in your thesis. It is very important to follow the format of the thesis properly. It is supposed to come after the conclusion section and after the thesis reference section. It is very important to place the portions in your thesis correctly as there order matters a lot.
  2. Your discussion section should be able to compare your results with the previous work done in that field. You have collected the details of previous work in the literature review section of your thesis already. Now you are supposed to compare your results with the ones carried out by the previous researchers.
  3. This section must not only explain why you are a great success but it should also justify your failings. It should very well explain why their certain glitches in the trend observed in your conclusion are.
  4. It is very important for this section to explain the impact of the problem you addressed on a greater society. It must explain the role of your search in improving the social framework.
  5. It should finally be able to extract conclusions from the results you have come up with. If there are any unexpected patterns then you must explain them.
  6. It should also show room for future research on the subject under concern.