Thesis Proposals: Title Page is the most important Part

Putting together your thesis proposal includes various parts such as the abstract, introduction, thesis statement, approach, results, and reference list to name a few. But the title page has some unique points that make it a significant part of the assignment. While this page may have limited information it contains important data relevant to your research. There are a few points to consider when putting this page together that may be useful in understanding its significance.

Seek Samples to Get a General Idea

There are samples of thesis proposal title pages you can review to get a better idea of what to produce. Your school website may be a good place to consider first. Many schools have an outline or format they expect students to follow when creating this page. You may find a template as well to help you plug in details related to your proposal. Even though this page may have a limited amount of data, it has been known to be a challenge to create. Samples can help you review structure, details to include, and what to avoid during the writing process.

Should Be Self-Explanatory and Short

Most title pages present details that are short and to the point. The page should display basic details in a descriptive manner in relation to the project you are proposing. You should not need to provide a whole lot of information since the proposal itself should work to do that for you. The page itself may contain pertinent details such as the title of the project and other necessary information as required.

Make Sure it Follows Guidelines

As mentioned earlier the title page may be required to include specific pieces of information. This may include the instructor name, your school or institution name, due date of the project, title of the intended project or proposal, and department. Your name or author name would also appear. Many students may have a clear understand of what to include, they may be confused on how to present it or format it.

Some schools may provide basic ideas on how to present the information. Others may want you to follow a specific formatting style that may be required for the entire project. This is where title page samples and templates come in handy. You have a visual on where the content should appear when you complete it on your own.