Top 6 Topics for your Thesis in Advertising

The world of advertising is vast. Advertising has always been with us but now because of the ever increasing and ever changing number of media, advertising has reached into areas only once dreamed about. And that fact in itself is an interesting topic for your thesis. Here are six top topics for your thesis in adverting.

Advertising and the economy

It is fascinating to see the increase in money spent on the creation and publication of advertising as a proportion of a country’s economic output. With such a vast amount of money being spent, and some experts are tipping even greater amounts in the future, the actual economy of a country can be impacted by the size of the nation’s advertising budget. What happens to the economy when there is a downturn in spending on advertising? If times are tough, does advertising expenditure fall also and add further economic misery to a nation’s budget?

Stereotyping in advertising

This has become a much hotter topic in recent times and especially since the growth of political correctness. Make a comparison between say, the way women are portrayed in advertising today as to their portrayal 50 years ago. How has it changed if at all?

The effectiveness of short advertisements

We see them online and on television. They are short ads lasting only a few seconds. Presumably they cost less to make and are purchased at a lower rate than longer ads. What studies have been done to reveal the effectiveness of these short ads?

The impact of advertising

Does advertising today have a positive or negative effect on the human mind? Discuss this question and provide evidence to support your point of view. Can advertising be harmful? If so, in what way is it harmful? Does advertising provide valuable information to the public? If so, in what ways is it helpful?

Advertising is essential

Our society is based on consumption. We are all consumers. Consumption is the foundation of our society. Without consumption our economy would grind to a halt. Advertising is an integral part of consumption. We rely on advertising to help us make better consumption choices. Discuss.

The link between market research and advertising

Market research is an important industry in itself. But the results it produces have an enormous influence on what advertising is produced. If market research suggests the public want a particular person elected, or have a strong disapproval of a certain policy, then advertising for a particular person or against a certain policy is created.