Creating An Outstanding Narrative Essay: 4 Ingredients Of A Good Thesis Statement

Creating an outstanding narrative essay begins with a great thesis statement. In order to achieve this, your thesis statement must follow a certain structure and have these four ingredients to rise from just an average piece of writing to an outstanding statement for a narrative essay. Include these four ingredients in your thesis and you will be on the road to writing success and set the foundation for an outstanding narrative essay.

Purpose of a thesis statement

Before you can write an effective thesis statement you need to understand why one is required in the first place. Why put in the effort if it is not really something that you need to be successful after all. The purpose of this statement is to lay the groundwork and your position before anyone decides to read your paper. This initial statement will lay the foundation for your work and ensure that your reader is on the same track with your thought process.

4 Ingredients of a thesis statement

Now that you understand why we are writing a thesis statement here are the 4 ingredients that every successful thesis statement will include:

  1. Any thesis statement must clearly and concisely state the purpose of the essay so that anyone can return to this statement at any point if there are questions
  2. Only the main topic of your writing should be included in the statement portion of the writing, keep all stories and supporting materials for the body of your essay
  3. The thesis statement should be exactly as its name implies, a statement, avoid run on sentences and trying to add too much information in a short space, keep it short and simple to avoid any confusion
  4. A thesis statement should show your viewpoint or assumptions regarding the topic your reader should never be confused about your stance on any issue

These four ingredients are what all successful students have used to ensure their statements are top quality introductions to their written works.

Handing in a piece of writing for an assignment can be difficult in that you do not get to preface when your assessor will read the writing with your spoken explanation. The thesis statement will allow you to give your reader a virtual introduction and lay the ground work for them to fully understand what you have written and our viewpoint on the subject.