Using the proper Text Language in your Thesis

A thesis is one of the most critical papers one is supposed to write in his academic career. It will decide the future of the student as he will only get his advanced level degree if his thesis gets approved. It is therefore of extreme importance for your dissertation paper to be written in a very formal and professional way. There should not be a margin for even a single mistake. You have to impress the dissertation committee and prove to the members that you are worthy of having a PhD degree and are a responsible and careful individual.

  • Firstly your title should be very clear and concise. It must enable your reader to understand at once that what you are aiming at.
  • Make sure that you provide not only summaries of books and articles but give a complete honest opinion about the published material. Write down a critique, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the material and justify your answers with logic and references.
  • Make sure you use the correct writing tone. Do not get too overly academic by using a lot of obsolete and complicated words and do not even get too casual by using informal vocabulary. Stay focused and follow a tone that gives your paper a natural sound and helps you reader actually understand your ideas.
  • Use one inch margins, double space your text and include page numbers.
  • There must be a precise transition between ideas when you move from one paragraph to other. Do not leave your previous idea incomplete and jump to the next one. Move in a logical order and make sure your reader gets a clear indication when you end one idea and start the other.
  • Stay brief and to the point. Don’t include irrelevant details. For instance do not write long backgrounds and history of the subject if it does not contribute in supporting your main idea. Stay focused so that your reader can stay on your paper.
  • Don’t use vague terms like some and many. Specify who has said it and who thinks like this. Don’t use too many generalizations. Be specific and mention the authors and people who think like what you are writing.
  • Make sure your text is properly formatted and does not have any spelling mistakes. You can check for the spellings on your computer when you are writing your thesis.